Saturday, April 24, 2010

Site Up

Well I managed to do the five or so clicks and three - four type jobs needed to be performed in order to make this blog so I'd say that's a five or so six clicks and three to four types well done, right?

I guess I'll just say welcome to all those who will end up on this site maybe one day; it will be future home to my rantings, ravings, art, music and video projects and maybe some other random things I'll try along the way. I don't care for Facebook or Twitter to keep in contact with people so I figured if I'd make a website for me I could just update people on my life from here and therefore eliminate all the other people who really wouldn't care otherwise.

I imagine I'll throw up art works, links to youtube (I'll try to make it mostly stuff I personally post, not just stuff I might happen to 'dig'), music, who knows. I'm too scatterbrained to concentrate on less than seven things in a given sitting or standing so expect lunacy in all shapes, forms and sizes but granted you came to the site in the first place, I doubt you were expecting nothing less.

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