Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Steps Music Video Youtube

I submitted the music video my band performs on and I directed this year at college to Youtube two weeks back. It took us from late September to early March to complete this bad boy but it was worth it and it looks great. Along with writing the song and producing the album, I directed the video, made several of the 2D cell animations used and did lots of the coloring/effect work.

Aidan Kennedy was my director of photography and was a great cameraman for what shoots we had. Three. Three very necessary and metal shoots. Running around in the woods has never been so much fun.

Tyler Sellars was my producer and he was great from the get go basically letting me do my crazy thing whilst trying to keep us on track. Produced. Metal. Produced.

Christopher Faria fulfilled the role of Vocalist/Editor/Stop Motion Extraordinaire/Dark Lord Kromdor. Not enough can be said about anyone on the crew but I think Chris really needs a little extra being that if it were not for the commitment made between him and I, the video would have turned out very differently and nowhere near as good as it has. So there's that.

Mantakor are currently recording our first EP, Chamber of Iron Trees which I will post songs from or links to them hopefully within the week. We have a Myspace page, , so check that out if you're impatient for early songs.

But without further ado, after many months of labor and love: First Steps by Mantakor

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