Saturday, April 24, 2010

Review: Nic Cage & Werner Hossephepher's Bad Lieutenant

Hey, about time crazy Nic Cage went back to being crazy ol' Nic Cage. Plus his hair didn't look ridiculous, as it has in every last Nic Cage movie within the past what, four years now. I used to really think Nic Cage was where its at: Con Air, Adaptation, Raising Arizona, Matchstick Men, The Rock - I was almost tired at that point of how many GOOD movies this guy had been in.

Maybe I just had to wait around for Ghost Rider to usher in a sea of shit coming from his general direction. Not to say that Nic Cage was the worst part of Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider being Ghost Rider made it awful and having a seasoned actor come in on a project that already had shitty writing and concepts didn't save the sinking ship. I know some people like Ghost Rider but I dont know how many of the people who back up the movie have seen it more than twice. Why would you? You could ride a bike. Or watch another movie.

Then there was the two or three year stretch where every Nic Cage movie involved clues and puzzles, labyrinths and codes, and it was around this time that slowly I began to notice something very disturbing:

Is Nic Cage slowly turning into Jimmy Stewart?

Seriously. Check it out. The lisp, the goofiness, the sharp wit when serious, the silly laugh. His voice in my opinion is getting ridiculous. If only at the last scene of Knowing they could find out that all the evil aliens were Mr. Potter's goons and if they don't find out the clues found in the stupid number clue sheet from the goofy goddamned time capsule there won't be Christmas for the poor kids.

Which, I think, maybe, brings me back to Bad Lieutenant. Now, having seen Harvey Kietel's Bad Lieutenant several years ago, I personally was happy enough with one crazy motherfucker cop doing crack off of hookers and jacking off in public in a movie called Bad Lieutenant already. So I had my skeptic radar on high and I was very fearful indeed at this horrid remake and Nic Cage combination.

But alas, due to a recommendation from a cousin of mine I checked out what I figured would be horrible but turned out to be a little more than decent, border-lining on good. Sure it had everything the first Bad Lieutenant had, lots of drugs, violence, abuse, hookers, gambling, lying, cheating and all that essential crooked cop goodness, but what it also had was a semblance of story and dark cleverness that isn't prevalent in many movies today.

Nic Cage is fucking crazy. In this movie, the man is simply nuts. I like it. Made up for Eva Mendes coming back for more, back from Ghost Rider with a supporting cast vengeance. And I saw you too, Val Kilmer; always a pleasure seeing that chap on the screen, not counting Top Gun, that is. Sorry Ice Man.

I suggest checking out the new Bad Lieutenant. It may not be a buyer, but check it, even.

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