Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Custom Ebook Cover Design

Hello, everyone!

As some of you readers might now know, I have been offering my services as an ebook cover designer to the public. I do all of my own covers and have lately started doing work for writer friends.

I intend to charge cheaply for covers, and have even done some for free in exchange for promotion of my work. I believe having a community of creative people with different skill sets is essential and lucrative; if we all can in one way or another pitch in towards each others' works, we can help each other succeed in ways that we alone could not otherwise.

Click here to visit my Ebooks Page and have a look at the upcoming titles I've done the covers for.

Also, here are some links to books by author friend, Scott Richards, for whom I have done the covers for his latest works.

Click on the images to visit their respective Amazon.com pages.


Landon's Prison (synopsis):
On the last night of his life, all Landon Price wanted to do was make a cake in memory of his father’s death. A trip to the corner store for milk changed everything when some local thugs tried robbing the place. Trapped inside the store, officer Price called for back-up, but a lucky shot to his chest ended his life. True to his nature, he died bravely protecting others.

And then he woke up.

Surrounded by walking, talking insects, trapped in a body he has no control over, Landon finds himself in a situation impossible to explain. What’s worse, his career spent safeguarding the innocent now seemed for naught as his body – wild, with a mind of its own – slaughters and wreaks havoc upon those that created it.

LANDON’S PRISON is a sci-fi action adventure set aboard an alien ship where a genetic experiment has gone awry. Landon must discover what’s happened, and try to gain control of his prison before it murders every living thing aboard the ship.

Spiritually Deficient (synopsis):

John Catcher is a normal man with an abnormal job just trying to relax, eat some pizza, and watch his soaps in peace. This is his daily routine, and has been ever since the rest of his team deemed him "unfit" for field work.

No! That's fine!

See, John Catcher watches possessed items. Angry ghosts, ancient and evil spirits, demons minor and major - really, anything capable of possessing a human. It's his job now to, well, babysit them. It sucks, but he gets plenty of TV time.

Or, he would have if someone hadn't summoned one of his charges.

What starts as a simple fetching of a stray demon prince turns into a full blown catastrophe when he returns home to find his house had been broken into, and the rest of the vessels gone. To make things worse, his only lead is a young paranormal investigator staking out the place that refuses to tell him who did it unless John agrees to let him come with.

He's going to miss his soaps...

New episodes released every Tuesday!

If you feel like you'd like to talk about me doing your next ebook cover, leave a comment below, or send me a personal email at xavier.granville01@yahoo.ca or theideapool@gmail.com

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