Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Troubles with Port of Call on Kobo

So I recently uploaded the first short story I ever self published on Amazon onto another platform, being Kobo, the Canadian company that I bought my eReader from.

So far I've had some slight trouble getting the formatting correct using their uploading system but I think its worked out fine enough for this first attempt.

Because of an error in the system, I now have two separate copies of the same short story up online for FREE, though both of the formatting on each seem to be off.

The book is available for FREE at Kobo for time being here:


and here:


 I hope everyone enjoys the free copy despite Kobo's screw up in the formatting. Hopefully Amazon will do their price match soon and everyone will be able to get this short story for FREE in a short while. I will have several titles being released within the next month so stay tuned for updates in the near future!

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